Liz Lund is a trainer living in Independence, MN during the summer and Ocala, FL during the winter while competing all across the country.  Liz is an experienced competitor in both the Eventing & Dressage disciplines.  Competing through the 3* level in Eventing and Intermediate 1 in Dressage obtaining her Bronze & Silver Medals and scores towards her Gold. Liz is stepping into the Jumper world and excited to work her way up the levels.

In addition to Liz's own competitive dreams she enjoys showing and training young horses, coaching clients and building confidence in her students. Something Liz has forever enjoyed is continuing to tweak and improve her program, she enjoys learning new information and is always looking to better things for herself, her horses and those around her.

Liz is currently looking for talented horses to compete at the highest levels of Eventing & Dressage.  New students are always welcome and lessons are taught in Private and Group sessions.  Liz is also available for clinics.  Contact her directly for details.


Liz has dreams to compete at the highest level of Eventing, Dressage & Jumpers.


Enjoy the journey.


dream big


never give up