Liz Lund Eventing's Philosophy on the Competitive Equine Lifestyle

 - To create a safe, fun and educational learning environment.

-To build integrity, compassion, courage, commitment, appreciation and responsibility as a whole.

-To turn out riders that are lifelong learners and that possess the skills, knowledge, a sense of self worth and the ethical values necessary to thrive in, not only an equine lifestyle, but life in general.

-To support individuals to be competent, responsible, accountable, passionate riders who consider the horse to be a partner, not a tool.

-To work in partnership with riders, their families, veterinarians, farriers, barn owners, and other professional equestrian team members.

-To facilitate effective partnerships between horse and rider by bringing together a combination that is safe, sound and well-suited in terms of ability, size, budget and is well-matched to accomplish competitive and personal goals.

-To promote sportsmanship and team pride through respect, honesty and hard work as well as through fun, celebration and support of each other.  To be a team that earns respect.

-To develop riders that are well educated about horsemanship, equine care and responsibilities and to give their horse's needs the utmost attention and diligence.

-To maintain the trainer's own education, experience and knowledge in order to support riders with the necessary expertise needed for a successful equine experience.