How it all began...

For Liz's 7th birthday her parents had Ginger's Party Ponies come to the house.  Ginger bought Cupcake, a fat little pony to give rides on.  All dressed in her red cowgirl getup, Liz couldn't get enough of it.  On that same birthday her parents bought her a lesson package at Heiland Hills Training Center in Jordan, MN where Liz began her long journey to the horse woman she is today.

Fast forward many years later and Liz is an accomplished Event and Dressage rider, with many riding, teaching and coaching achievements.

The one that started it all is Lady Hannah B, Liz's first horse.  Liz was able to purchase Hannah in 2005 with the help of her parents and grandmother, Betty McGoon.  She was Liz's first horse, her very own, no one else's.

Liz began competing Hannah in 2005 at Wayne DuPage Horse Trials at the Training Level.  They worked hard and moved up to Preliminary in May of 2006 and never looked back.  Liz soon had Hannah competing around the country and finished 3rd in the CCI1* at Midsouth in 2007, and moved up to the Intermediate level in 2008.  They competed a few CIC2* competitions together before Liz retired her from upper level eventing in 2012 and leased her out to her students.  Hannah has really enjoyed showing the younger kids how its done.  She truly is a one of a kind horse.

Since then Liz has had many rides, but has only purchased two other horses since Hannah.  Rhine Maiden aka Lucy, was purchased in 2010 and Liz competed her through Preliminary in 2013 before deciding to pursue the Dressage ranks.  As of now, Liz has successfully shown Lucy through the I1 level of Dressage.  They are working on 1 tempis, passage and piaffe with the hopes to finish Lucy's training and compete at Grand Prix.  In April of 2014, Liz purchased a 2008 OTTB bay mare to add to her string and has successfully competed her through Preliminary.

In November of 2015, Copeland Farms and Liz went off to Ireland.  Together they found two lovely geldings that they brought home.  Robinstown Balivor, aka Tyson, is a beautiful 17h bay ISH gelding.  Liz has competed him through Training level with the plan to move up to Preliminary in the near future.  He is also very talented in dressage scoring in the 70s at First Level.  Tyson would make a Young Rider's dreams come true!  Privatised, aka Hutch, is a handsome 17.2h chestnut ISH gelding.  He has quickly become the barn favorite and he has some big plans in store.  He is currently competing at Training level aiming to move up to Preliminary in the fall of 2016.


All photography provided by Lear Miller.